Picture 6

Drawing Connection Exhibition, Italy

“Drawing Connections” exhibition of postcard-sized artwork, to be exhibited during the Siena Art Institute inaugural exhibition.

no place but home

illustration featured in Creature magazine

this illustration has been featured in Creatured Magazine UK for their June Mixtape edition. check it out! it’s fun


featured in Media Indonesia

another featured in media Indonesia (Indonesian Newspaper) 19th june 2011 edition


2011 Showreel

my 2011 Showreel.


my Final Year Project video

after 3 years, study at NAFA. finally i am graduated. i will post more of the behind […]


sneak peek of my FYP

updating the progress of my final year project.  

apple and lemon

apple and lemon

enjoy your life guys!! have a nice day cheers, pam.

FYP sneak peak

Hae Hi Haii Hweeei… just FYI, this is the biggest project that i’ve been doing rite now.. […]

next exhibition?

hello hello hello this is a sneak peak of my 3 paintings that will exhibit at me […]

feature!!! feature!!!

hahaee.. some features / articles about me on mass media work alongside your dream – click the […]

say hello to eric!

hai hai.. eric “THUNDERPANDA” just visited me in a short time… but he brought so much fun […]

who’s taller than me?

Hi, long time no post.. hahahhaa now i’ve been busy with some freelance projects, artists collaborations and […]

merry xmas world

merry xmas everyone!!! this is my first experience spend xmas in sg and without any fam around. […]

Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention!

long time no post, i’ve been busy with the preparation and attend the most happening event in […]

reuse. recycle. revive.

this is another school project that i’ve done. its a reuse. recyle and revive campaign cast by […]

step out

Hi. it’s been a long time i didn’t update this site.. it caused by i’ve been busy […]

please take her as your intern

socialite society

socialite live and exist around us. sometimes you might be jealous with their live activities, or maybe […]

paper mooncakes

Hi, this time i do illustrations with marker and pastel on cup cake paper. i just do […]

emacipation of seduction

wohooo!! i’ll never give up. so please don’t give up on me! love. pam

jelly go round

this jellyfish voluntarily replace marygoround’s job because she just had a teeth surgery. actually it tells about […]


now she’s  performing with sax! see another series of  her in Thunderpanda exhibition @Plastic_Culture woohooo, pam.

kinetic typography

hmm i’m not good at typo. but it’s quite fun to do this is a kinetic typography […]


this is a “number 0″ illustration that i make to be exhibited in Smarta Gallery. this exhibition […]

an Exhibition with the awesome Thunderpanda

the awesome Thunderpanda will held a single art exhibition that promote by Plastic Culture. with official curators […]

flexi ramadhan

a super simple illustration of moslem couple for telkom flexi website “Ramadhan” edition. eniwei.. happy fasting for […]

Photo 210

skelly marriage

love never late. . .


unussual wedding

this are the illustrations that were requested by someone to complete their cute wedding invitation. i feel […]


the confused little creatures.

hey guys.. long time no post. now i do a collaboration with an USA artist. her name […]


vodoo dolls in love

there is an artist from indonesia named Dimas Brodjonegoro who are in progress of publishing a book, […]


recycling project test.

i’ve been thinking to recycle some useless stuffs in my house. then i started with an empty […]

alberta on textureculture.com

textureculture.com is the online magazine that inform about the art world. they kindly select my animation to […]

Plastic Surgery

this is my 4th final semester integrated studio project. please enjoy and kindly drop your comment this […]

doodle jam with wanton doodle

uwow. long time no post.. huwahahaha now.. this is my doodle. for doodle jam with a super […]

magnets at Eightyfourcube Gallery

uwow!! see these fabulous magnets by me and thunderpanda at Eightyfourcube Gallery the Eightyfourcube studio gallery is […]


i proudly happy that a wonderful toys company. “slanted toys” has picked one of my character to […]


another colab! now with a young-talented fashion designer Marisa Harun. she already won several various awards in […]

collaboration with angelcube

now i collaborating with one of great  indonesian artist, angelcube please enjoy our dreamland. hehe.. have a […]

my mood booster

doodled by eric. colored by me. carlo hugs his lovely jelly fish who is sick. to wish […]

collaboration with Emmanuella Jessica

i made the wart monster. then  E. Jessica made the wonderful illustration of the girl, tree and […]

brenda the cuttonbud robot

Brenda the cuttonbud robot. looks cute and innocent. but her gear. that used to be her vehicle […]

candy and apples

i made this for asittingduck hope they like it. huohohohoho.. have a nice day all wow. they […]

carlvie the clown

this is the clown character from my doodle.. hope me and him could have a great relationship […]

Lucia Dandelion

software. . Maya2009 . Adobe Premiere Pro thanks to. My God. fams. Emmanuella Jessica Noella Prayogo Anastasia […]

classic animation

weeeirddd.. but yeah.. i put my efforts in it.. this is my project that i’ve done for […]

mr. fishy

i made these for one of indonesian company which exported pet fishes overseas. unfortunately, none of these […]


3rd month present

it’s been 3 months.. *the another version. surprisingly.. he replied my gift with which is make me […]


i need to compress the files and erase the useless things from the server.. it’s like you […]

the town of mine

hell lines

how if your house utilities turn into robots?

veggie babies

jazzy frizzy


in the future squid is endangered. so government make a robo squidy to change the part of […]

hermal (hero animal)

i made this with connecting weird lines pattern. looks weird.. but i like it

simply see mee

jellyfish attack!

robo panda bear

giraffe evolution



variations with design elements. haha

smoking frog

am i a flower?

can you find me?


my yellowish culture

make me up

pastel on paper.

another CLEA trial

just trying to make it up. hehe..

first bomb

OMG. it’s quite tiring to upload many things to my new blog.. but yeah it’s fun… hahaa.. […]

CLEA 2010 custom

this geeky nerd is trying to be popular.. then, there it is he’s look.. i made this […]

a custom for MILK GONE MAD

his is a girl who is a sleepwalker. then she wears a piggy float and tries to […]

Candy the Magic Dinosaur

this my illustrations for asittingduck.com the UK animation production who produces mini series “candy the magic dinosaur” […]

i kiss lemi

i made this in order to entertain “Thunderpanda” the blue lemi “the space wanderer” is originally created […]

chinese icons

this original icon is created by me but coloured by the agency it’s been used for this […]

freakin’ ugly self promotion

flirty dirty kiss

peace yo!

carrot farm

me. kissing the lovely carrot at the carrot farm. haha


this is suppose to be an illustration of hell. when people had so much fun in sins […]


4 seasons dancers

this is 4 seasons color mood which represented trough the dancers paintings.

summer tadpole

joyfulness expression.

fancy puppets

i made this for a presentation of religion subject when i was in the high school.

The Priest Agus

I made this for an Advertising student in Indonesia who plans to make a religious bulletin for […]

Hello hello…

Hello.. welcome to my blog. feel free to see whatever inside.  i wish i can update it […]