Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention!

long time no post, i’ve been busy with the preparation and attend the most happening event in Singapore. it’s Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention 2011.

this year, i open a booth in the artist alley, collaborate with Thunderpanda and also the awesome and the biggest toy company in Indonesia, Plastic Culture.

i had a lot fun with new friends and new experiences there.

i sell some of my product as well, the products are badges, stickers and canvas drawing. i used to have canvas tote bag and plush to sell. unfortunately, i couldn’t have much time to prepare the tote bag and plush production well, so i end up with badges, stickers and canvas only.

these are what i sell

that guy is not for sale, just look at the badges. the badges with soft colors are mine, and the rest are belong to thunderpanda :D


check this pictures out :)

This is Tricia Koh. one of the best visitor that came to us. she bought my stuffs , she kindly say hi and compliment my artworks, makes me fly high to nowhere. hahaa..

this is the moment when i custom a babyqee at the Otaku House booth :D

wihii, and u know what, people can draw on our booth back drop. aheeyy even the other famous artist also draw on it :P

with mori chack (gloomy bear)

with phil ortis ( the simpsons)

with shin kitai ( tofu)

with jason siu wihiii he’s a toy legend.. a.w.e.s.o.m.e

with gunawan lo ( bah!)

with sheena aw (iamcaramelaw)

look even a little girl love to custom our stuffs :D

wohooo it was a blast that i met other artists. we talk, chat and exchange knowledge and souvenirs. :)

i met the people that love my artworks, and many others. i can’t describe it with words :)

one of the best thing that ever happen in my life.

and i can;t upload the whole pics. just add me on fb and browsing around if you want to :)

see you soon at another event guys. :P

i promise next event i’ll have more things to sell and exhibited.. :)

now i’m working on intern and some freelance project and also vacation moduleĀ  during this’s freakin tiring but know that many people out there love my works make me become stronger n stronger.. :)

also i have big surprise for you :)

i’m planning with some powerful collaborations, event preparation and launch some awesome things. i believe you will as exited as i am.. hahahahha :D *confidence to the max!

i’ll post it soon when it’s ready. :)

have a wonderful day.



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