doodle jam with wanton doodle

uwow. long time no post.. huwahahaha

now.. this is my doodle. for doodle jam with a super talented singapore artist.

and here it is my doodle. let’s have fun!! :D

the theme is “oodles of noodle”

this is a collaborative doodle jam from the artists all over the world. organized by the wonderful wantondoodle this is the doddle from the whole (so far)

and the doodlers so far are.. .

bubi au yeung , hong kong | vivian lai, canada |  pamelahalomoan [ME!] | caramelaw , singapore | pamm, singapore | karkoma, spain | graphicairlines, hong kong | stupid love, argentina | eeshaun, singapore | hello nekko, canada | maki squarepatch, singapore | ithinkp, italy | digital toast, uk | plushism, singapore | mr the beef, uk | pulco mayo, france | peskimo, uk | thea, singapore | popo, indonesia | sbtg, singapore | wanton doodle, singapore

check his official website for more information and artworks :D

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