classic animation

weeeirddd.. but yeah.. i put my efforts in it..

YouTube Preview Image

this is my project that i’ve done for this semester integrated studio project.

this is a combination of classical animation techniques and digital editing.

it tells a short story in 12 second
about a donkey named Danny.
who has personal confidence. he tries to be another animal because he doesn’t confidence with himself. he tries to be another animals through costumes. until he becomes tired with everything coz. he can’t be anyone else. then one day he meets a female donkey.. falls in love. take off all of his costumes. unfortunately. the female donkey has a zip on his butt. :P

..stop pretending. just be whoever you are..

please feel free to give comments or correction.
. the movement is too fast.
. the ending part could be better if i zoom in the ‘butt focus’
coz i know that part and i need more comments or critiques. :D

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